February 2018
Managing Risk and Building a Sustainable Business-Phil Cotter
Improving Board Effectiveness: Questions for Directors-Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
IOD & ACCA Reception
Internal Audit: A key Element of Organizational Governance-N. G. Shankar, FCA, CIA, CISA
CSR Trends in India: Since the Introduction of The Companies Act 2013-Rohit Bahadur
An Interview-Robert Cartwright, Jr.President, RIIMS, USA
Corporate Social Responsibility focus
IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited, Mumbai || Microsoft Corporation India (Pvt) Limited, Gurgaon
News & Views
January 2017
CSR: The Responsibility of being Responsible - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Singapore Global Convention-2017 - A Report
Environmental Ethics, Global Accountability - Neil Hodge
Board Evaluation: A Tool for good Corporate Governance - Harish HV & Bhanu Prakash Kalmath S. J.
Workshop on : Aligning Corporate Governance and Culture: What's in it for the Board? - A Report
News & Views
December 2017
Allies of the Board Obstacles and Internal Control - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Role of Independent Directors and Kotak Committee Recommendations - Dr. S. D. Israni
Improving Corporate Governance – Board Diversity Can Help - Prof. Andrew Kakabadse, Professor Nada Korac Kakabadse, Rita Goyal
Cyber Security – A Board Issue - Nayan Mehta
The Ethical Entrepreneur - Vision & Values - Paul Palmarozza
A Report - Conference on “Director Liabilities Insurance”
Sustainability Focus - Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Corporate Governance Focus - The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, USA
November 2017
Golden Peacock Award Chief Guest address - The Rt. Hon. Priti Patel MP
2017 London Global Convention & Global Business Meet - A Report
Corporate Governance & Sustainability for Inclusive Growth - The Rt. Hon. Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, PC
Trade relations between India and the United Kingdom - Manasi Kirloskar
Cyber Risk Management Collaboration and Governance - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Inverviews of the month - Vijay Karia
IOD's Recommendations - on SEBI's Committee Report on Corporate Governance
Sustainability FOCUS - My Home Industries Private Limited, Suryapet
Corporate Governance FOCUS - Capgemini SE, France
October 2017
Reputation: The new Strategic Glue for Boards - Dr. David Landsman OBE
Board, CEO & Senior Executive Relationships - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
The Ethical Entrepreneur - Vision & Values - Paul Palmarozza
Aligning Corporate Governance and Culture: What's in it for the Board - Report on Panel Discussion
Sustainability Focus - Legrand SA, France
Corporate Governance Focus - Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Mumbai
Levi Strauss & Co., USA
September 2017
Leadership for system safety - J. S. Ahluwalia
A Report - Directors' Conclave
Contemporary Corporate Governance: an Enabler or a Distraction? - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Five-pillar framework for sustainable International Investment - Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment
News & Views 2017
August 2017
Environmental protection must for Human Rights - Honble Mr. Justice Kurian Joseph
The Challenges of a Changing Climate - H.E. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag
Managing Environment and Climate Change - Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy - Mr. Ajoy Misra
A Report - 19th World Congress on ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT -
Sustainability, Continuity and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
News & Views - August 2017
July 2017
Avoiding Complacency and Ensuring Challenge - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Corporate Governance and Sustainability - Mandate of the Board - Vijay P. Karia
India Gallops Insolvency and bankruptcy code - Mamta Binani
Convergence towards a Global Board Composition - Nichole McCulloch
The Public Good and Capitalism - Prof. Paul Moxey
Realigning for Sustainability - Anusha Lall
Environment Management Focus - The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune
News & Views - 2017
June 2017
Responding to Environmental Issues and Climate Change - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Global Ecosphere Paradigm: India & Himalaya's Region - Vladimir Y. Smorodin
Report on IOD's - 'Masterclass for Directors' - Training Workshop
Sustainable Energy for All in a Post-COP21 World - Anil Chaudhury
Integrating Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in the Business Strategy: Perception Vs Reality - Bimal Sarkar
How do you Ride the Digital Economy ? - Anil Sharma
News & Views - June 2017
Innovative Product/Service - focus - Global Indian International School Pte Ltd, Singapore
May 2017
“Driving Performance Excellence” - His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
UAE Vision 2021 - H.E. Mohammed Sharaf
Leadership For Innovation And Growth - H.E. Abdulla Al Saleh
Golden Peacock Lifetime Achievement Award for Business and Social Inclusiveness 2017 - H.E. Dr. Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Group Chairman, Al Habtoor Group
Golden Peacock Award for Business Leadership 2017 - H.E. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEO, DP World
A Report - Dubai Global Convention 2017
Disruptive Innovation & Visionary Leadership - V. K. Sharma
Fraud, Directors and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
April 2017
Excellence, Innovation and Enlightened Leadership - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Implementing an Effective Risk Appetite - James Lam
Interview Q & A- Nowell Seaman, President Rims, The Risk Management Society
Ethical Analysis & Predicting Risk in an Uncertain World - Wali-ul-Maroof Matin
Risk Management Focus - Vijaya Bank, Bangalore
Corporate Ethics Focus - Tech Mahindra Limited, Mumbai
March 2017
Five Key Risks for Firms in 2017 - Phil Cotter & Susannah Hammond
Excellence, Innovation and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
A Report on - Global Convention on - Corporate Ethics & Risk Management
Golden Peacock Lifetime Achievement Award for - ETHICAL LEADERSHIP-2016
Understanding Reputational Risk - Manica Merrifield, Ward Ching, Carol Fox
Risk Management Fous - Edelweiss Financial Services Limited - Mumbai
Risk Management Fous - Carborundum Universal Limited - Chennai
News & Views March 2017
February 2017
Theme Address - Embedding CSR in Corporate Strategy for Responsible Growth
A Report on - 11th International Conference on CSR 2017
Golden Peacock Lifetime Achievement award for Leadership in Social Service 2016
Creating an equitable world through the Neem Project - Dr Rajiv Kumar Gupta, IAS
Risk Governance and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Risk Management-Practices in Different Sectors-Pradeep Chaturvedi
Dimesnions of Corporate Ethics-Dr.Vivek Agnihotri, IAS (Retd.)
News & Views February 2017
January 2017
Smart Cities Mission - Accountancy Capacity Building - Dr. Sudhir Krishna, IAS (Retd)
A Report - Evening Workshop on - Smart Cities Mission - Accountany Capacity Building
A Knowledge Paper - Smarter Cities, Simpler Cities
Corporate Ethics and Ethical Business Practices - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
CSR : Changing Indian Scenario - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Indian's CSR Las - an Opportunity or Threat to find Innovative Solutions to Critical Social Problems - Dr. Mahesh Chandra & Dr. James P. Neelankavil
Does CSR make a Business Sense? - Dr. Prasad Madhav Modak & Sonal Pareek Kaushik
Corporate Social Responsibility focus - Cisco Systems (India) Pvt Ltd Bangalore
PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk Mandiri Micro Business Indonesia
December 2016
Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Impact - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Preaching What You Practise - Helen Brand
Emerging Role of the Boards in a - Volatile Economy - J.S. Ahluwalia
News & Views - December 2016
Sustainability focus - Asian Paints Limited - Mumbai
Innovation Management focus - HDFC Bank Limited - Mumbai
Corporate Governance focus - Dubai Electricity and Water Authority - UAE
November 2016
A Report on - 16th London Global Convention 2016
Golden Peacock Awards is a Hallmark of Corporate Brilliance - Stephen Haddrill
Implementing Sustainable Corporate Governance Practice - The Rt. Hon. Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, PC
Corporate Governance - a view from the front line - Keith Skeoch
Project Governance And Board Oversight - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Building A Sustainability Paradigm For Inclusive Growth - Sunil Jain
NEWS & VIEWS October 2016
October 2016
Cyber Security, Risk Governance and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Sustainable Development Goals to Direct Global Business - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Risk Management and the Board of Directors - An Indian Perspective - S.K. Sachdeva and CS Bhagyashree Bardia
Focus: Eco-Innovation - Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd - Mahindra Research Valley, Chengalpattu
Focus: Eco-Innovation - Tetra Pak India Pvt Ltd - Gurgaon
News & Views - October 2016
A Report - Launch of Telangana Regional Chapter (IOD) & 'Evening Workshop' on 'Boardroom Effectiveness'
September 2016
Revitalising and Energising Board Meetings: Questions for Directors - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Performance Evaluation of Boards and Directors - S. K. Sachdeva
Indus Towers Limited
General Motors Company USA
A Report on - Regional Conclave on Board Diversity - held in Bengaluru
News & Views - September 2016
August 2016
Environment and climate change - Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy - H.E Mr. Alphonsus Stoelinga
A Report - 18th World Congress on Environment Management
Governance for Sustainability and the Sustainability of Governance - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Nationalizing Climate Action: The Road from Paris - Dr. Ajay Mathur
Sustainable Energy for All in a POST-COP21 WORLD - Anil Chaudhary
CASE Study | TataMotors, Pantnagar | Tetra Pak India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon
News & Views August 2016
July 2016
Crossing The Line-Leading Practices And Pitfalls In The Boardroom - Joseph Tarantino
A Report - One Day Seminar on Boardroom Diversity-4 June 2016
Entrepreneurship and the Board: Questions For Directors -Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Diversity Differentiator: Women In Leadership - Veena Swarup
Environment Sustainability - J. S. Ahluwalia
Focus: Environment Management - Infosys Limited, Mysore
Focus: Occupational Health & Safety - John Deere India Private Limited, Pune Works
NEWS & VIEWS - June 2016
June 2016
The Environment, Climate Change and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Prevention of Corporate Fraud & Enterprise Risk Management The 10 worst all time Accounting Scandals - Meher Batiwala
Promoting Corporate Wisdom for Enduring Success - Prof. Rajendra P. Bharti
Disclosures & Declarations by Directors - Sundharesan Jayamoorthi
The Environment, Climate Change and the Board - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Focus : Sustainability - Capgemini India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Focus : Corporate Governance - Kellogg Company, USA
NEWS & VIEWS - June 2016
May 2016
Ten Principles of Leadership - His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Dubai Global Convention - 2016 - A Report
Board Succession Planning: Issues and Questions - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Promoting Livelihood Through Affirmative Action & CSR - Soumitro Chakraborty
Focus : Sustainability - YES BANK Limited, Mumbai
Focus : Corporate Governance - Aviva plc, UK
NEWS & VIEWS | May 2016
April 2016
Innovation, New Business Models and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Governance One Size Fits All - Sundharesan Jayamoorthi
Can Quota for Women Directors change the Corporate Gameplan and increase Diversity in the Boardroom? - Kamakshi Singh Mehlwal
Securities and Exchange Board of India - C. S. Bhavik Gala
Focus : QUALITY | BNY Mellon International Operations (India) Private Limited, Pune
Focus : BUSINESS EXCELLENCE | GVK Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Focus : TRAINING | Union Bank of India Staff College, Bengaluru
News and Views - April 2016
March 2016
Embedding CSR Mandate into Corporate Strategy - Mrs. Rajashree Birla
Corporate Social Responsibilities Trend in Indonesia - Dalton Sembiring
10th International Conference on CSR 5 - 6 February 2016, Mumbai (India) - A Report
Fostering Growth through Education and Entrepreneurship - Soumitro Chakraborty
IOD Distinguished Fellows 2016
Leadership Excellence and Innovation - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
IOD, India - ACCA Joint Workshop 21st January, 2016 New Delhi - A Report
ACCA Renews MOU with IOD & IOD and BICD Sign MOU
A few lines from my Diary for the Young Generation - R. R. Mohanty
Focus: CSR-Cisco Systems, Inc. USA
Focus: CSR-Dubai Customs, UAE
News & Views 2016
February 2016
Responsible Business CSR and Inclusion - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Building Corporate Reputation by Simplifying Corporate Reporting Team - Fiinovation
Sustainability FOCUS Dubai Customs, UAE
Corporate Governance FOCUS Diageo plc, UK
CSR - Concept to Execution - Sundharesan Jayamoorthi
News & Views
January 2016
Embedding CSR Mandate into Corporate Strategy - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Risk : An Imperative of Business - Amit Dalal
Risk Management - Implementation at Mahindra & Mahindra - K N Vaidyanathan
Risk Management - Implementation at Tata Steel - Samita Shah
Risk Management - A Board Prespective - Subrata Bagchi
Financial Crimes : A Point of View - Sanganagouda Dhawalgi
National Convention on Risk Management - A Report
December 2015
Coping with Risk and Uncertainty - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Corporate Fraud, Audit and Vigil Mechanism - Dr. A.S. Durga Prasad
Why corporate frauds continue in spite of establishing Whistleblower policies and whistle blower protections - M. P. VijayKumar
Corporate Governance FOCUS Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, USA
Sustainability FOCUS Biogen Inc., USA
IOD's Survey-based-Submission to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce on EASE OF DOING BUSINESS
November 2015
Adapting With the Times: Blending Corporate Governance & Sustainability - Rana Kapoor
Director and Board Development: Starting the Journey - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Board Training - Training is mandatory for directors in India - Sundharesan Jayamoorthi
The single best lesson you can teach in ethics training: secrets hate being kept - Mark J. Ohringer
Consumerism: A threat to Sustainability - Chintansinh Suratia
Corporate Governance focus BSE Limited, Mumbai
Sustainbility focus The London Stock Exchange Group plc, UK
October 2015
Fraud, Pillage and Risk – The need for Vigilance - Anthony Harbinson
Tomorrow’s Risk Leadership - J. S. Ahluwalia
The Future of Governance: Issues and Questions for Directors - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
How should a board oversee ethics - Richard Leblanc
Board's Performance-Evaluation - Sundharesan Jayamoorthi
Role of Company Secretary in Effective-Board Decision Making - Lalit Jain
Impact Assessment of New Legislation Dealing-with Corporate Governance and Sustainability - Nesar Ahmad, FCS
Positive Psychology - Dr Graham Wilson
Interview - Andrew Ratcliffe
Role Of Corporates in Building Sustainable World in 2030 - Pradeep Chaturvedi
The Amalgamation of Corporate Governance, Sustainability & Make in India - Soumitro Chakraborty
September 2015
Effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability:Mandate of The Board - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Corporate Governance focus - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., USA
Sustainability focus - MTN Group, South Africa
Silver Jubilee Celebrations at Regional Offices - Mumbai & Bengaluru Region - A Report
The use of Soft Power to EnhanceGlobal Relations - The Rt Hon Lord Swraj Paul
Make in India - Need of Sustainable Manufacturing in India
August 2015
Professionalism and the Company Director - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Boosting Gender Diversity - Not Hired Female Director Get Ready to Pay Fine
Corporate Governance Focus Case Study - Shiseido Company Limited, Japan
IOD Silver Jubilee Function & 17th World Congress on Environment Management - A Report
July 2015
Directors’ Dilemmas: Reconciling Competing Claims - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
What Sets IOD Apart: IOD’s 25 YEARS - An Overview Lt Gen J.S. Ahluwalia, PVSM (Retd)
Why integrity is good for business - Richard Leblanc
Board Opportunities in the United States? Dr. Larry Taylor
Aligning Corporate Social Responsibility with Affirmative Action - Soumitro Chakraborty
Environmental Sustainability - Lt Gen J. S. Ahluwalia
Felicitations || IOD Congratulates
The Compliance Confusion - Obscure Indian acts you Need to Comply with - Suryaprakash Kukyan
Sustainability Focus Case Study - Marks and Spencer Group PLC, UK
Corporate Governance Focus Case Study - Cummins, Inc., USA
IOD announces appointment of Chairman for UAE & Qatar Chapters
Rana Kapoor - Interview of the Month
New & Views || Involve NRIs more for development
Appointments & Movements
June 2015
MAKE IN INDIA: Ease of doing Business in India - Anurag Bhushan, IFS
Environmental Governance - Issues for discussion at forthcoming World Congress on Environment Management - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Boardroom Leadership Challenges for Inclusive Growth - Andrew Ratcliffe
Installing Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework for Business Sustainability - CS Atul Hasmukhrai Mehta
Think Globally, Act Locally: Realizing the need for polycentric approach to tackle global climate change - Chintan Suratia
Incumbents as Attackers: Brand-driven Innovation - Jean-Baptiste Coumau, Victor Fabius, & Thomas Meyer
May 2015
Leadership For Business Excellence & Innovation - Chief Guest Address by His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Leading Corporate Transformation through fostering Innovation and Ideas Management - H.E. Juma Al Kait
Leading Corporate Transformation through fostering Innovation and Ideas Management - Prof. Colin Coulson -Thomas
Sustainable Development: A Step Towards Change - Dr. Eti Rajwar
April 2015
Leading Innovation and Change Management - J. S. Ahluwalia
Join “Make in India” Initiative - Richard Leblanc
What form of leadership do contemporary organisations require? - Prof. Colin Coulson -Thomas
Think Globally, Act Locally: Realizing the need for polycentric approach to tackle global climate change - Fiinovation
Inspire, Transform & Disrupt: Key to Future Growth - Dr. Ing. B V A Rao
Impact of Union Budget 2015 on Trade and Industry - Nesar Ahmad
Maintaining the Customer Experience - Adam Braff and John C. DeVine
India's Model of Innovation for Growth - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Delighting in the possible in an unpredictable world, executives should stretch beyond managing the probable. - Zafer Achi and Jennifer Garvey Berger
March 2015
Leadership for BusinessExcellence and Innovation - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
25 Reasons for Risk Management Failure - Richard Leblanc
Social Innovation for Economic Growth and Business Sustainability - Deepak Arora
The Conference* Board | CEO Challenge 2015 | Creating Opportunity Out of Adversity: Building Innovative, People-Driven Organizations
Corporate Governance and Risk Management - K.V. Prabhakar
Sustainability: Difficult to Communicate to Investors - Christopher Gleadle
CSR Mandate: A responsible & effective way for Corporations - Chhaya Kaul
February 2015
Speech at the 9 International Conference on CSR & Presentation of Golden Peacock Awards - Mrs. Rajashree Birla
CSR Strategy: Focus and Opportunity - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
India's CSR Law- An Innovative Solution - Dr. Mahesh Chandra & Dr. James P. Neelankavil
Corporate Social Responsibility - UNDP Initiatives - Dr. Jaco Cilliers
9th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility & Presentation of Golden Peacock Awards - A Report
Boards urged to avoid distractions and help People excel at the fundamentals of business - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
New call for CSR focus and the elimination of leprosy - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
If we can beat Ebola, why not Leprosy? New call in India for Corporate and Social Responsibility - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
January 2015
Effective Corporate Governance for Growth and Sustainability - Hon'ble M. Venkaiah Naidu
Indian Government's New Vision - H.E. Ranjan Mathai
Making CSR an Actionable Corporate Priority - Rana Kapoor
National Convention on Corporate Governance and Sustainability & IOD Annual Meet - A Report
Transforming Public Services - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Technology Ignorant Boards Are Costing Shareholders Billions: What Should Boards Do Differently? - Richard Leblanc
Sustainability: The road to regulation and collaboration - Michael Spanos
CSR: The thin line between Commitment and Mandate - Soumitro Chakraborty
December 2014
Corporate Governance - The Rt Hon Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, PC
Corporate Fraud, Audit & Vigil Mechanism - Andrew Ratcliffe
14 London Global Convention - A Report
CSR in Sanitation - A perspective - Deepak Balan
Emerging Role of Company Secretaries in the Boardrooms - Rajeev Jain FCS
Golden Peacock Awards, Winners - Highlights of Achievements - 2014
November 2014
'Board to Lead: Effective Corporate Governance & Sustainability' - Rana Kapoor
Global Perspectives on Corporate Governance - Dr. Mohan Kaul
Maximising the Board's Contribution - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Board Leadership For Effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability - Lt. Gen J.S Ahluwalia, PVSM (Retd.)
Bridging Diversity in the Boardroom - Dr. Rosamund Thomas
Emerging Role of Company Secretaries in the Boardrooms - Rajeev Jain FCS
New enterprise preparing thenext generation of entrepreneurs: a challenge in leadership development- Dr. Graham Wilson
Innovation through Digital Initiatives for Future Growth - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Mainstreaming Responsibility in Corporate Governance - Soumitro Chakraborty
Canada's Corporate Governance Guidelines Are Out of Date - Richard Leblanc
Board Agenda - Kashinath Chaturvedi
October 2014
Future challenges for Public Sector Leaders - Sir. Leigh Lewis
Strategic Leadership and a New Government - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Defining and achieving good governance - Dr. Shann Turnbull
An Entrepreneur's Perspective on The Global Context for Sustainability Dialogue.- Dr. Jeremy Leggett
Board Evaluation- A Window into the Boardroom - Cristina Ungureanu
Good Corporate Governance: A game changer for Sustainable Strategies- Miriam Garnier
Integrated Reporting - Lt Gen J.S Ahluwalia, PVSM (Retd.)
Building Trust Imperative for Sustainable CSR - Media Team, Fiinovation
September 2014
The Governance of Governance and The Regulation of Regulators - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Its Time to Fix Toxic Governance - Dr. Shann Turnbull
Transitioning Through Green Economy - Dr. Ashok Kumar Balyan
Budget - ‘Make in India’ and ‘Smart Cities’ Indicate for the Direction of Growth - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Rise of the Company Secretary - Simon Osborne
Making FDI work well - Rishabh Gangwar, Fiinovation
IODs Masterclass for Directors has become talk of every Board Today - Varun Sahgal, GM - Training & Membership, IOD
A Report on Global Summit on BUSINESS EXCELLENCE
August 2014
Golden Peacock Environment Management Awards Recognise Excellence - Rana Kapoor
IOD Distinguished Fellows 2014
16th World Congress on Environment Management - A Report
Winners : Highlights of Achievements 2014
Boards to Lead : effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
July 2014
What set IOD Apart - Lt Gen. J. S Ahluwalia, PVSM (retd)
Directors' and Managers' Perceptions of Risk - Julie Garland McLellan
Leadership Culture Behaviour & Sustainability - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Leadership & Lessons Learnt - A.K. Mirchandani
Sustainable Development Three Transformative Levers - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Culture the fourth Pillar of Sustainability - Pall Tomas Finnsson
Strategizing Corporate Social Responsbility Programme to Empower Indian Women - Jyotsna Belliappa
India's first state of the art border Check Post
June 2014
Contemporary Issues and Challenges - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Corporates and the Parliament -Vivek Agnihotri
The Role of Leadership in Driving Excellence & Sustainability - Kaustubh Bodhankar
LEADERSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY: TWO SIDES of the Same Coin – Media Team Fiinovation
IOD Distinguished Fellow - 2014
Golden Peacock Life Time Achievement Award for Business Leadership - 2014
GPA - Winners Highlights of Achievements 2014
A Report - 24th World congress on Total Quality and Leadership
May 2014
Role of Women Directors - Usha Ananthasubramanian
Masterclass for Directors Exclusively for WOMEN in association with CII
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Board - Prof Colin Coulson -Thomas
Increased Accountability and Responsibility of Independent Directors - CS. Nesar Ahmad
The Value of Ethics in Business - Paul Palmarozza
Change Leaders of India's Corporate World - Pradeep Chaturvedi
“Desirable” Qualities of Leaders : Acquired from Lessons from “Greats”- A. K Mirchandani
Why reforming government agencies key to poverty alleviation-Sanjay Kumar Gupta
Corporate Social Responsibility in India Charity to Strategy - Aditi Tewari
“Board Effectiveness” - M.A Yusuf
IOD Evening to Felicitate Lord Swraj Paul & Justice Dr Arijit Pasayat
Ind Directors can sit on 7 listed Cos - TIMES BUSINESS
April 2014
Total Quality for Business Excellence - Lt. Gen. J S Ahluwalia
Building Quality st Organisations in the 21 Century - Prof. Colin CoulsonThomas
Gender Diversity- A Corporate Performance Driver - CS Nesar Ahmad
Effective CSR Needs Leadership and Quality - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Independent Director Some thoughts in Indian Context - DR. INDRAJIT DUBE
KERALA to train WOMEN to qualify as DIRECTORS in listed COMPANIES
Report on the IOD's Evening Workshop
March 2014
Launch of IOD Silver Jubilee Year 24 years of Transforming Corporate Psyche - Lt. Gen. J S Ahluwalia
Corporate Governance Conduct and Culture - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Why Whistleblower Protection is More than a Law - Dr. Wim Vandekerckhove
Independent Corporate Directors Must Unite In Effort To Monitor the “Tone-At-The-Bottom”- Larry Taylor
Investing in India through Mauritius Route - Nesar Ahmad and Kumar Aniket
Building a Forward-looking Board Necessary - A McKinsey & Company Survey
Corporate Governance Transformation for Sustainable Development - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Social Intrapreneurs: Unlocking the Social Value of Companies - Manisha Dahad
Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility for Competitive Advantage - C. B. Bhattacharya
Investing Responsibly for Ethical Growth - Varun Sahgal
February 2014
Reflections on 8th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, 2014 - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Strategizing CSR – Creating Shared Value - Namita Vikas
CSR for Nation Building - Lt. General Rajender Singh (Retd.)
A Social Business Model to Increase Healthcare Access For 'bottom of Pyramid' in Rural India - Sundeep Kumar
January 2014
From The President’s Desk- Lt. Gen. J. S Ahluwalia
Corporate Planning or Intelligent Steering - Prof Colin Coulson Thomas
Board Processes: A Tool For Good Corporate Governance - CS Nesar Ahmad
Managing Differently ABLED :Issues and Challenges - Lt. Gen J. S Ahluwalia
Governance in Innovation Management - Maj Gen T M Mahaisale
Collective Governance Comes from Self-governance - Mahesh Krishnamurti
Achieving Business Excellence - K. Gopal
How CSR And Business Development Go Hand in Hand - Puja Trisal
Corporate Governance Not Mere Legal Compliance - Amrita Mitra
Entrenching CSR in Company's Vision - Sunil Maxwell Massey

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