London Global Convention 2013

Theme : Principled Corporate Governance and Sustainability for Boardroom Effectiveness

Dear Professional Colleague,

For organisations, there is a potential for long term sustainability of its well being, protecting itself from the vagaries and inconsistency of businesses. Our effort should be on building a bubble-proof economy.

In order to discuss the role of business in this upcoming age of turbulence the Institute of Directors, India is organising the London Global Convention on Corporate Governance & Sustainability on 01-04 October 2013 in London. The theme of the Global Convention is “Principled Corporate Governance and Sustainability for Boardroom Effectiveness". It will be attended by leaders in businesses, finance, environment, parliamentarians, policy makers, academicians, jurist and social thinkers from across the world

The aim of this Convention is to provide a deeper understanding of the individual elements, that combine to create an effective corporate governance framework, as well as to provide thought leadership on a number of topical issues of governance and sustainability. It will be a great opportunity to network with global peers and professionals.

The annual Global Conventions on Corporate Governance and Sustainability, over the years, have captured the interest of the professional governance community worldwide.

IOD (India) has a vision, that I believe is possible to realize with bold, collaborative corporate leadership. A vision for a healthy, peaceful, socially just, economically secure and environmentally sustainable world. The market is the servant in aligning social, economic and natural systems for mutual benefit and sustainability. We have to live off Nature's income, not its capital, by practicing good governance and sustainability in all spheres. Strong, healthy, culturally diverse and environmentally sustainable local communities are the goal of new business models, and economic and social policy.

The Institute of Directors, India is committed to development of sustainable enterprises through best practices for principled Corporate Governance & Sustainability.

The London Global Convention is a great opportunity to ensure that leadership for development and governance can really be made lasting and sustainable. It will have a special focus on risk management, where sustainability is increasingly being recognized as a frontier for innovation. The Convention is being organized in association by the Institute of Directors, India International Partners.

Institute of Directors, India welcomes you to join the above Global Convention. I look forward to meet you in London.