Programme Dates 2021
June 26-27, 2021 | Weekends
Batch No 21
(Confirmation of seat subject to availability at the time of registration)
Recent Updates
  1. Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Fifth Amendment Rules, 2020
  2. Summary of Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) fifth Amendment Rules, 2020
  3. Company (Amendment) Act, 2020
  4. Extension of time for EGM through Video Conference (VC) or Other Audio Visual Means (OAVM) or passing of certain items only through postal ballot without convening general meeting
  5. Extension of LLP Settlement Scheme, 2020 till 31st December, 2020
  6. Extension of Companies Fresh Start Scheme, 2020 till 31st December, 2020
  7. Extension of time for holding AGM for the financial year ended on 31.03.2020
  8. Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2020 to make amendment for Start – ups as per DIPP amended notification
  9. Last date of registration on Independent Directors databank in 31st December, 2020
About the Program

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), with the objectives of strengthening the Institution of Independent Directors and also to enhance its effectiveness by way of creating a pool of skilled professionals to act as Agents of Change, has developed a databank of Independent Directors along with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) with effect from December 02, 2019 in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.

Accordingly, any person who is willing to be appointed or is already an Independent Director is required to pass an ‘Online Proficiency Self-Assessment Test’ conducted by IICA with at least 50% marks.

The IICA is conducting the online test from March 01, 2020.

Salient Features of the Programme:
  • Provides in-depth knowledge to qualify the Self-Assessment Test conducted by IICA
  • Synchronous and systematic learning by renowned speakers through wide array of exposures on the topics
  • Learning beyond geographical barrier
  • Anytime and anywhere learning through technology
  • One year complimentary membership of Institute of Directors to non-members

Course Modules.

The training course offers a range of training modules relevant to Independent Directors for preparation with the latest regulatory requirements, global trends and practices.

Module - 1
Introduction to Independent Director's repository & Requirements of online proficiency self-assessment test.

This module will discuss about the creation and maintenance of databank of Independent Directors and the requirements of the online proficiency self-assessment test.
Module - 2
Companies Act, 2013 & SEBI Regulations.

This module will provide an overview of the important provisions of the Companies Act and SEBI LODR regulations which deals with the ways companies are incorporated, how it is managed by the board and the manner in which the board interacts with their stakeholders.

Module - 3
The Board’s legal Environment and Corporate Governance.

The module provides an essential understanding of the role, duties, legal responsibilities and liabilities of Directors and the working environment of a board.
Module - 4
Roles & Responsibilities of Independent Directors for Improving Corporate Credibility and Governance Standards.

This module covers the role, functions, rights, liabilities of Independent Directors who have become a very important part of Boardroom. It provides the understanding of nuances of this role, selection criteria, tenure and maximum no of Directorships.
Module - 5
Financial Literacy for Directors.

Financial Literacy is a key skill for any Director. This module provides an understanding of the statutory provisions, financial terms and concepts, financial statements, key accounting standards, source of finance and budgeting. The module will assist a director to further understand the role in evaluating the health of the organization including its liquidity position and solvency, key aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions, decision making and control and identifying early warning signs of financial failures.
Online Mock Test by Participants, Followed by Discussion on Mock Test paper
Registration Fee -
Delegate Fee (Per Participant) GST 18% (SAC999293) Total Amount payable
Rs. 10,000 Rs. 1,800 Rs. 11,800

Discount on Registration Fee:

  1. 10% for IOD members.
  2. 15% for Alumni of Masterclass for Directors of IOD.
  3. 10% for Woman participants.
(In anycase, total discount shall not exceed 15%)

Disclaimer :

IOD reserves the right to change Course Syllabus | Content | Faculty | Locations and Fees, or cancel a course for what so ever reason. If a participant fails to take part in the registered programme, his registration shall be cancelled and fee shall not be refunded.
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