December 2014
Corporate Governance - The Rt Hon Lord Swraj Paul of Marylebone, PC
Corporate Fraud, Audit & Vigil Mechanism - Andrew Ratcliffe
14 London Global Convention - A Report
CSR in Sanitation - A perspective - Deepak Balan
Emerging Role of Company Secretaries in the Boardrooms - Rajeev Jain FCS
Golden Peacock Awards, Winners - Highlights of Achievements - 2014
November 2014
'Board to Lead: Effective Corporate Governance & Sustainability' - Rana Kapoor
Global Perspectives on Corporate Governance - Dr. Mohan Kaul
Maximising the Board's Contribution - Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas
Board Leadership For Effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability - Lt. Gen J.S Ahluwalia, PVSM (Retd.)
Bridging Diversity in the Boardroom - Dr. Rosamund Thomas
Emerging Role of Company Secretaries in the Boardrooms - Rajeev Jain FCS
New enterprise preparing thenext generation of entrepreneurs: a challenge in leadership development- Dr. Graham Wilson
Innovation through Digital Initiatives for Future Growth - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Mainstreaming Responsibility in Corporate Governance - Soumitro Chakraborty
Canada's Corporate Governance Guidelines Are Out of Date - Richard Leblanc
Board Agenda - Kashinath Chaturvedi
October 2014
Future challenges for Public Sector Leaders - Sir. Leigh Lewis
Strategic Leadership and a New Government - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Defining and achieving good governance - Dr. Shann Turnbull
An Entrepreneur's Perspective on The Global Context for Sustainability Dialogue.- Dr. Jeremy Leggett
Board Evaluation- A Window into the Boardroom - Cristina Ungureanu
Good Corporate Governance: A game changer for Sustainable Strategies- Miriam Garnier
Integrated Reporting - Lt Gen J.S Ahluwalia, PVSM (Retd.)
Building Trust Imperative for Sustainable CSR - Media Team, Fiinovation
September 2014
The Governance of Governance and The Regulation of Regulators - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Its Time to Fix Toxic Governance - Dr. Shann Turnbull
Transitioning Through Green Economy - Dr. Ashok Kumar Balyan
Budget - ‘Make in India’ and ‘Smart Cities’ Indicate for the Direction of Growth - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Rise of the Company Secretary - Simon Osborne
Making FDI work well - Rishabh Gangwar, Fiinovation
IODs Masterclass for Directors has become talk of every Board Today - Varun Sahgal, GM - Training & Membership, IOD
A Report on Global Summit on BUSINESS EXCELLENCE
August 2014
Golden Peacock Environment Management Awards Recognise Excellence - Rana Kapoor
IOD Distinguished Fellows 2014
16th World Congress on Environment Management - A Report
Winners : Highlights of Achievements 2014
Boards to Lead : effective Corporate Governance and Sustainability - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
July 2014
What set IOD Apart - Lt Gen. J. S Ahluwalia, PVSM (retd)
Directors' and Managers' Perceptions of Risk - Julie Garland McLellan
Leadership Culture Behaviour & Sustainability - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Leadership & Lessons Learnt - A.K. Mirchandani
Sustainable Development Three Transformative Levers - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Culture the fourth Pillar of Sustainability - Pall Tomas Finnsson
Strategizing Corporate Social Responsbility Programme to Empower Indian Women - Jyotsna Belliappa
India's first state of the art border Check Post
June 2014
Contemporary Issues and Challenges - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Corporates and the Parliament -Vivek Agnihotri
The Role of Leadership in Driving Excellence & Sustainability - Kaustubh Bodhankar
LEADERSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY: TWO SIDES of the Same Coin – Media Team Fiinovation
IOD Distinguished Fellow - 2014
Golden Peacock Life Time Achievement Award for Business Leadership - 2014
GPA - Winners Highlights of Achievements 2014
A Report - 24th World congress on Total Quality and Leadership
May 2014
Role of Women Directors - Usha Ananthasubramanian
Masterclass for Directors Exclusively for WOMEN in association with CII
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Board - Prof. Colin Coulson -Thomas
Increased Accountability and Responsibility of Independent Directors - CS. Nesar Ahmad
The Value of Ethics in Business - Paul Palmarozza
Change Leaders of India's Corporate World - Pradeep Chaturvedi
“Desirable” Qualities of Leaders : Acquired from Lessons from “Greats”- A. K. Mirchandani
Why reforming government agencies key to poverty alleviation-Sanjay Kumar Gupta
Corporate Social Responsibility in India Charity to Strategy - Aditi Tewari
“Board Effectiveness” - M.A Yusuf
IOD Evening to Felicitate Lord Swraj Paul & Justice Dr Arijit Pasayat
Ind Directors can sit on 7 listed Cos - TIMES BUSINESS
April 2014
Total Quality for Business Excellence - Lt. Gen. J S Ahluwalia
Building Quality st Organisations in the 21 Century - Prof. Colin CoulsonThomas
Gender Diversity- A Corporate Performance Driver - CS Nesar Ahmad
Effective CSR Needs Leadership and Quality - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Independent Director Some thoughts in Indian Context - DR. INDRAJIT DUBE
KERALA to train WOMEN to qualify as DIRECTORS in listed COMPANIES
Report on the IOD's Evening Workshop
March 2014
Launch of IOD Silver Jubilee Year 24 years of Transforming Corporate Psyche - Lt. Gen. J S Ahluwalia
Corporate Governance Conduct and Culture - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Why Whistleblower Protection is More than a Law - Dr. Wim Vandekerckhove
Independent Corporate Directors Must Unite In Effort To Monitor the “Tone-At-The-Bottom”- Larry Taylor
Investing in India through Mauritius Route - Nesar Ahmad and Kumar Aniket
Building a Forward-looking Board Necessary - A McKinsey & Company Survey
Corporate Governance Transformation for Sustainable Development - Pradeep Chaturvedi
Social Intrapreneurs: Unlocking the Social Value of Companies - Manisha Dahad
Leveraging Corporate Social Responsibility for Competitive Advantage - C. B. Bhattacharya
Investing Responsibly for Ethical Growth - Varun Sahgal
February 2014
Reflections on 8th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, 2014 - Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas
Strategizing CSR – Creating Shared Value - Namita Vikas
CSR for Nation Building - Lt. General Rajender Singh (Retd.)
A Social Business Model to Increase Healthcare Access For 'bottom of Pyramid' in Rural India - Sundeep Kumar
January 2014
From The President’s Desk - Lt. Gen. J. S Ahluwalia
Corporate Planning or Intelligent Steering - Prof Colin Coulson Thomas
Board Processes: A Tool For Good Corporate Governance - CS Nesar Ahmad
Managing Differently ABLED :Issues and Challenges - Lt. Gen J. S Ahluwalia
Governance in Innovation Management - Maj. Gen T M Mahaisale
Collective Governance Comes from Self-governance - Mahesh Krishnamurti
Achieving Business Excellence - K. Gopal
How CSR And Business Development Go Hand in Hand - Puja Trisal
Corporate Governance Not Mere Legal Compliance - Amrita Mitra
Entrenching CSR in Company's Vision - Sunil Maxwell Massey

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