Frequently Ask Questions


1. What is Organization for Non-Executive Independent Directors (ONEID) ?


Ans. The Institute Of Directors has established a separate wing called ‘Organization for Non-Executive Independent Directors’ (ONEID), as an affiliated organ of the IOD. It has been set up to look after the interests of Corporates/Public Sector/NGO ‘Independent Directors’, encompassing their empanelment, placement, periodic training etc. to keep them updated and networked. It also acts as a watchdog on behalf of Independent Directors, with reference to Government and SEBI, with regard to the rules, remuneration, legal responsibilities etc.


2. Why ONEID has a panel of Independent Directors ?


Ans. The Companies Act, 2013 envisages a slew of changes in the rules governing the functioning as well as listed and public companies to have at least one-third of the total number of directors as Independent Directors. Central Government may prescribe the minimum number of Independent Directors in case of any class or classes of public companies. ONEID maintains a panel of qualified Independent Directors for their placement with desirous companies.


3. Who would benefit from ONEID ?


Ans. ONEID’s Panel of qualified and willing Independent Directors ,would be of great value to both Independent Directors and the Corporates world. For example, Senior Executives looking to move up as Independent Directors of Corporates as well as professionals desirous of joining the pool of Independent Directors would benefit from membership of ONEID. Similarly, ONEID can help find suitable Independent Director for the corporate boards.


4. Who can apply for empanelment on the ONEID Panel ?


Ans. ONEID has been set up to empanel the certified Corporates Directors of IOD for placements on the Corporates boards as Independent Directors. All qualified IOD members can apply for the empanelment.

5. How can I get certified for Corporates Directorship ?


Ans. IOD’s professional development program specifically designed for Directors, i.e. ‘Masterclass for Directors’ is a 3 days weekend condensed certification training program. It opens up a whole new vista of opportunities, especially for those who wish to join the pool of Non Executive Independent Directors. The details are available on the website .


6. Can I submit the application online? Can I submit the application through e-mail or is it necessary to send the hard copy ?


Ans. Yes, the application form can be submitted online by clicking on The online application system on this ONEID portal will soon allow processing of your application quickly. Alternatively, you can send your application by e-mail or by post, which may take longer. Preferably, the applicant needs to fill the online form for empanelment. On successful submission of the form online, you will get a registration number for future reference.


7. What happens after I submit the application for the empanelment ?


Ans. The submitted form will be placed before the Expert Committee for review. Once approved by that Committee, you will be empanelled and informed accordingly.


8. In what format can I add my attachments ?


Ans. We prefer that you to add attachments to your profile as PDF files. If this is not possible, please use doc, ppt, gif or jpg file formats. Please ensure that the total size of the documents does not exceed 5 MB. Up to 5 attachments may be added.


9. Can I update my profile after I have been empanelled ?


Ans. Empanelled applicants will be provided the facility to update their CVs from time to time through the registered account and password.


10. Can IOD help me in obtaining ‘Directors Identification Number’ (DIN) ?


Ans. Yes. ONEID will guide you suitably through

DIN (Director Identification Number): The concept of a Director Identification Number (DIN) has been introduced for the first time with the insertion of Sections 266A to 266G of Companies (Amendment) Act, 2006. As such, all the existing and intending Directors have to obtain DIN.

Any person intending to apply for DIN shall have to make an application in eForm DIR-3 and should follow the procedure mentioned on or can simply consult a Chartered Accountant for the purpose.


11. As a company, how can I register with ONEID to search resumes of required Independent Directors ?


Ans. It is mandatory for the company to register with IOD as a corporate entity seeking Independent Directors in order to search and access the resumes, based on location, category etc.


12. How do I register as a Corporates Entity with ONEID ?


Ans. Please login to ONEID on How to Register with your Corporates details as on the Registration Form.


13. What are the charges for various services provided to Independent Directors ?


Ans. There will be no fee / charge for empanelment of applicants as Independent Director, if they are active members of IOD. For others too, at present, there is no fee, but it may be introduced soon. You are therefore advised to renew your membership of IOD annually or become a life member.


14. Who is the Contact Person for any queries related to submission of our application forms ?


Ans. In case of any queries related to submission of the application forms, you can email us at If you may have any further query about your application, please use the following telephone numbers: +91-11- 41636294 / 41636717 (Monday to Friday). Please contact our Support Team between 9.30 am to 6.30 pm on any working day or send an e-mail to the following email address: